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Aug 22 '14
Aug 11 '14

mortalvirus asked:

NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE! Once you get this you must say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and send this to 10 of your favorite followers! ♥ (if you want emmaaa)

1. I is kind
2. I is smart
3. I is important 4. I hold the door for people 5. I treat pizza nicely

Jul 24 '14


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Jul 2 '14
This is

This is

May 24 '14
May 21 '14


May 14 '14
when you draw good hand but thumb on wrong side

when you draw good hand but thumb on wrong side

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Apr 21 '14

The trick is to keep the highest tile in a corner, and the next highest tiles lined up beside it.

In this game I avoided swiping up at all costs and always kept 4 tiles in the bottom so the highest tile is not moved out of its corner and trapped there.

I also focused on building up one tile at a time to avoid clutter.

I hope this helps :)

Apr 9 '14

Art always has signs in it that shows what the artist is truly like on the inside.

So when my teacher described my colour scheme as “dead” and  ”lizardy” I knew.

Deep down in the unexplored crevices of my soul, I am a lizard.

Apr 1 '14

And the winner for most awesome April Fools is…

Minecraft update 1.7.5

If you have it, just… just go update. (Turn up the volume :3)